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Hotel & Restaurant Consultants

Kitchen Consultants

Total Hospitality offers a wide range of services for hotel businesses from conceptualisation to project completion. From planning the BOH area, the theme and the menu, and to construction and the interiors, we also take care of equipment and furniture procurement, staff recruitment and operations commencement. We completely design the back of the house space from the movement flow, Staff Amenities, Kitchens ,Laundry & Linen Rooms, Maintance spaces to Garbage rooms…etc. Behind the reception counter, Bar counter and also the buffet counters are all designed by us. We also help the Hotel Identify and procure the required Crockery, Cutlery, Glassware, Linen…and amenities. The systems and Process required for smaller hotels too are set by us by formulating SOPs according to the owners requirement.

Restaurant Consultants

Being a Chef we help you design concept restaurant and food service outlets. Let it be a modern dining, fine dining or casual dining.

We help you conceptualize and design menu’s according to local needs and business demand Space management to staff movement cycle is all taken care of by Total Hosipitality. Also we design the behind the bar counter and buffet counters.

The following are some of our services:

Project Feasibility and Conceptualisation
Budgeting, Costing and Financial Planning
Licensing and Liaising
Market Research
Business Advice
Property Management Services
Branding and Marketing
Performance Evaluation

Hotel Planning and Designing
Area Planning Private and Public Area Interiors
Room Interiors
Banquet Hall Interiors
Lighting and Design
Restaurant Layout and Design
Pub and Bar Layouts and Design
Kitchen Layout and Design

Hotel Equipment Sourcing
Restaurant Furniture
Room Furnishings & Accessories Food Service Equipment
Food Preparation and Kitchen Equipment
Cafeterias and Industrial Canteens