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One of our core strengths is our ability to provide staffing solutions to a repertoire of hospitality establishments. We adopt contemporary and qualitative practices in recruiting staff and allocating them to our clients. We enable staffing from top management to first line employees in all areas of hotel operations such as Food Preparation, Food Service, Housekeeping, Front Office, and allied areas. We plan and conduct high quality training for service staff both in food service and housekeeping areas for new and existing properties. Regular training is essential for staff of every establishment as it has an undeniable role in improving overall performance and profitability of the organisation. Training eliminates the gap between standard performance and actual performance of an employee thereby easing out the achievement of business objectives.


Focused Chef and Steward Training

Staff provided by us in the Food Preparation areas are well trained on the wide range of food textures, flavours, colours, tastes and the balance that must be achieved for the perfect dish. Stewards are also trained in service methods, seating arrangements and styles and also about the aromas and colours to be maintained in preparation and service of drinks. Since costing is an important element in overall profitability, our staff are provided with thorough grounding in food costing through correct indenting, minimising wastage and storage losses and also effective yield management.